Without a question – Alexandra Stone

I put my hands to the sky
and search the universe above us
For someone who wants to get to me
or hands that bring me to another level
When I find my chains too heavy
underneath the lonely travel

I’ll transfer the gravity of my loss
because the weight of life does not
speak for themselves
As luggage would drag me down
while visions fight the difficulties I know
before they will drown

I cannot do it this time
and I do not expect much support
But I carry more
of what is no longer here
Without a question that pressure
will not decrease or get less in future near

If I want to see behind the sun
to find out if there has been any assistance
Will those from above enter my mind
and order me to go deep
To heal the tears inside and put
the darkness asleep

Instantly I feel that everything
is much lighter and I can continue
my travel through life

Dit bericht is geplaatst in liefde.

7 reacties op “Without a question – Alexandra Stone

  1. Leidse Glibber schreef:

    Of topic, dat had je goed gezien op foto drie 🙂

  2. Henry schreef:

    San .. it’s so hard to lose the one you love! x

  3. merel schreef:

    Moeilijk soms hé Alexandra, ik verloor mijn enige broer nu bijna 2 jaar geleden

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